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Her POF profile, which by this point had been deleted showed that she lived in Georgia.

Her reasoning for being in Santa Cruz at the time and using a California number as opposed to a Georgia number was that her ex had destroyed her phone before she flew out to see her sister.

She may have also complained about the kinds of messages she was receiving on the site.

The phone number was a California number, 442-261-3237.

I sent her a message, and she responded, stating that she didn’t like POF and that I should text her at 442-261-3237.

In early December, 2017 we were contacted by Luke, a very savvy Internet user in his late 20’s who shared this story with us.The ad refers to the plot of the first series of , in which a gang of synths rebel against their human masters.The print ad directs readers to a new section on the Persona Synthetics site, featuring an online video promoting the series.Jess: goin through a rly bad breakup backhome so that why im out here, so i can give my ex time to move out ** She had given a similar story before about going through a bad breakup, but the first time it was in a message responding to me about something rather than being one just out of the blue.I decided I would check and see whether she had any memory of it. Jess: anyways, u dont have a girlfriend or anything like that right?

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