Final fantasy dating sim 1 0 by jamessul eve torres dating gracie

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And dating sims are what's popular over there right now, and will be in the near future.This also doesn't mean they're going to be cheaply made anime games (although, they could be if they go to mobile).You could see a Final Fantasy dating sim as side content.And this isn't to say we wouldn't get the same JRPG styles we've come to know and love from Final Fantasy. It may not be Final Fantasy XVI or in any of the main numbered games (or it might), but we'll may see elements of a dating sim in a Final Fantasy games.Since Japan determines the Final Fantasy market, not the West, they determine what we see in those games.

Dating sims are popular in Japan but in Japan most FF fans aren't hardcore otakus.The vast majority of FF fans in Japan are females and they most likely won't be too interested in a dating sim type game. I got both Hatoful Boyfriend and Amnesia while they were on sale, and was worth the five dollars in amusement.Now if it's done like Persona I don't think it would be too bad despite many people stereotyping the Persona games for being such "JRPG Dating Sim." Persona isn't just a dating sim, folks. FF is made for a wide audience there and is basically like what Co D and GTA are over here. Plus if there was a dating sim, it'd be hilarious to see everyone OOC.Have you ever wanted to create sweet makeouts with the ladies of the Final Fantasy video game series? You can even put the moves on Garnet from Final Fantasy IX. Well, luckily you can indulge your perversions in the privacy of your own browser with the Final Fantasy Sim Date RPG.

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