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One team was disqualified as a result of altering its line-up.

The packet was reviewed, edited and suggested divisional alignments were presented.

To view a schedule for any school or specific team, or a statewide master varsity schedule for a sport, visit the main schedule and results page of the site, or the "Schedules/Results/Rankings" tab on the mainpage of any spring sport.[...]June 12th, 2017Just like that, it's all wrapped up.

Forty-six championship stories in all, recapping a thrilling few weeks of high school sports.

As has become custom around here, this story has put those championship stories and memories all in one place for easy consumption to help celebrate these champions.

For those unfamiliar (or simply as a reminder for those who are previously familiar) Linked Up Championships will provide a link to the[...]February 2nd, 2018Schedules for 2018 spring sports have been posted on the site.

Boys Lacrosse: Shelton earned a key win early in[...]May 13th, 2013Nothing out of the ordinary with this edition of Eye On The CIAC, though there was a record breaking moment from the East Lyme softball team.

Teams have begun to clinch league titles and those championships are on the horizon, and the implications of every game starts to carry even more significance.

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Click here to view the full promotional flyer with additional event information.[...]December 2nd, 2015BOYS AND GIRLS TENNIS COMMITTEE MINUTES December 1, 2015 Girls Committee Present – Vic Sesto, John Reisert, Steve Ludlowe John Reisert presented a review of the 2015 tournament. There were a few minor complaints from parents of students involving proms.The Class L and Class M[...]June 14th, 2018Forty-six stories.After a fast and furious few weeks, that is the final number of championship stories included in this Linked Up - Spring Championships 2018.It has worked to empower athletic directors, coaches, and parents by providing the latest information from medical groups and the National Federation[...]May 20th, 2013Previous Eye On The CIAC posts have suggested the spring season was winding down, and this week it officially winds down with brackets and tournament play commencing at the late of the week.As such, the focus of most of this look back at last week are teams fighting to reach the the .400 winning percentage mark that teams need to earn a spot in the championship brackets.

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