Ford model t dating

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The San Antonio Ford Model T Show features around forty Model Ts of all types, including open 2 and 4 door tourers, closed coupes and sedans, light and heavy duty trucks, ambulances, depot hacks and even single and two seat race cars spanning the nineteen years this ground breaking vehicle was in production.

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To truly appreciate a Model T requires an appreciation of mechanical simplicity and a willingness to embrace a by-gone way of driving.Consequently regarded as the car that opened motoring to the average American, Ford had claimed an impressive 48% of the global automobile market by 1914.When launched, the 20hp Model T was regarded as a powerful car, with its performance further enhanced from the use of light vanadium steel.The 1909 Model T had headlamps that were lighted by acetylene gas that was produced by a carbide generator.The generator was made of brass and had a lower chamber that held calcium carbide and an upper chamber that held water.

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