Girls face time numbers

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Sadako was the ghost from The Ring movies, so it is possible this number was set up to promote the movies.In Bulgaria, the phone number 0888 888 888 is believed to be cursed.In Pakistan, people were warning each other not to pick up calls from numbers that appeared on the screen in red.

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I cannot remember the number dialed.” “I remember the mysterious messages and the scary voice when I was a child and we were playing with the old red phone boxes.

We were only able to determine a couple of words, but it scared the **shizzle** out of us.

And for some reason the message was erased several hours later, and there was no sign of it on his bill.” According to an urban legend in Thailand, 999-9999 is a cursed number.

“All of my friends claim to have tried it with varying results…

some say nothing happened, some say they heard eerie music, others say they heard satanic noises.” This number was set up to promote the horror movie Carrie.

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