Guide to chinese dating

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It has warm weather and a good standard of living is easy to achieve here.It’s also close to the expat favourites Vietnam and Thailand.I averaged around one date a week while I was there.I also made a couple of long distance trips to meet ladies – both times I did really well too. Not sure which Province is best to find your dream Chinese partner?

As I just mentioned, I did once date a Guangxi girl. I’m not sure what her nationality was – maybe Miao.Anyway, if my data is to be believed then it’s not a great province to try Chinese dating. Maybe it’s something to do with the spicy food and lack of skin ruining sunlight.You’d find more ladies to date in nearby Zhejiang or in the Shanghai megacity. Anyway, Chongqing ought to be a pretty good place to date the local ladies. It has a mild climate and is near the sea, which is so dear to my heart. Maybe I even dated one or two but I’m finding it hard to recall them.She had stunning legs, thick long black hair and a wonderful personality.On the downside she was the first person in her family to leave the countryside and she was still adjusting to city life.

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