Harry potter character dating quiz

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Thirdly, you've got F for feeling or T for thinking when it comes to decision-making. Then there's S for sensing, which means using your senses to gather information, and N for intuiting, which means adding to information with your innate intuition.Sirius is your classic ENTP: restless, fun, and highly opinionated. Minerva Mc Gonagall embodies every ESTJ value: honesty, dignity, and telling children what to do.

But just because she's quirky and sweet doesn't mean she's a pushover; INFPs come across as shy, but deep down they're passionate about their beliefs and protecting their friends.And lastly, there's J for judging or P for perceiving.Do you like your world to be structured and closed, or always open to new options?As an ENFP, he's optimistic and openhearted, a little sensitive, and full of positive energy.antagonistic.They thrive on changing scenery and new ideas, but if they're trapped somewhere with no stimulation (say, a wizard prison or their family's gross old house), they're quickly frustrated.

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