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When I noticed a pattern, I tried to distill from it the most important aspect of that data point.” This approach helped her sort and tag her list and ultimately rank everything by priority.Once her tiered list was complete, Webb assigned a total number of points to each item.So using her 1000-point grading system, Webb created two profiles of imaginary dream guys.That’s right: She masqueraded not just as a man, but as multiple men, in order to see what kinds of ladies would be vying for the attention of the men she would find most desirable.Amy Webb, like so many others, learned just how flawed the science of online dating is by going on a series of comically awkward dates with some pretty unbelievable characters.In her book, , the digital media consultant and former journalist outlines how she “reverse engineered” online dating, reevaluated her strategy and met her future husband.How much did successful online daters refer to their career goals? Using spreadsheets, Text Wrangler and “other kludged-together applications,” Webb analyzed all of this and more, manually collecting data as she went.She paid attention to things like which gender initiated conversations most and made data visualizations of the most commonly used words in the profiles of popular women.

She set a threshold: Based on her initial online interactions, nobody scoring below a 700 would be worthy of an in-person date.

This being the week of Valentine’s Day and all, we thought it would be an opportune time to talk with Webb about her process and share some of the lessons she learned with you, oh lonely denizens of the Internet.

Trust me, this is way more interesting than the romance-themed infographics we’ve been getting pitched all week.

In the end, she had created 10 fake profiles and interacted with 96 different women.

This wasn’t just an exercise in digital creepiness. During this phase of her quest, Webb unlocked insight into many aspects of the online dating universe, some of them more predictable than others.

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