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The mother gave birth to a sheep genetically identical to that of the donor cell organism.

Cloning by embryo splitting is an earlier method with differences in the method by which a clone is achieved.

Bacteria produce restriction enzymes for the purpose of seeking out and destroying bacteriophage DNA.

Researchers use these restriction enzymes to cut DNA at specific points, called palindromes, into manageable segments.

Restriction enzymes cut the DNA in a staggered pattern, producing sticky ends to which other DNA molecules which have been cut with the same restriction enzyme can bind.

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It is estimated that the project could contain anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 different individual genes.

Cloning Cloning produces an organism with and identical genotype as to its host/donor.

A clone is a group of genetically identical organisms or a group genetically identical cells derived from a single parent.

Based on charge, DNA molecules have a negative charge.

When placed on a magnetic field, the DNA strands move toward the positive pole. Larger DNA molecules move much slower than small ones, so different sized DNA strands stop at different points along the magnetic field.

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