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Actually stalking someone, as well as hurting others, is abusive, illegal and not condoned. Disclaimer: This guide is meant to help with scenarios like writing, roleplaying, and acting scenes which involve a yandere character.Liquefaction can cause landslides; landslides can cause more liquefaction.Once the earthquake stops, the ground becomes solid again, trapping whatever was submerged. The scenario is a fictional experiment, presented in Switzerland (Helvetica), which assumes that removing only the nucleus (the center of an atom) of a calcium molecule in one's skin, but still leaving the electron shell at its position, would cause a massive reaction ending up in heavy mutations.

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It doesn't imply that the bacteria is the scariest possible thing.I think this is the best way; it's better than saying "Grey goo isn't as scary sounding, but is scarier than..." for all possible combinations of every item.Also on your first point, it doesn't assume the chart is measured in percentages (although it does assume linearity).The dots are scattered from left to right and top to bottom.Below all labels are given, first for the axis, and then for each dot in approximately normal reading order, left to right top to bottom, but in the order it would make sense to read them:]Zero Halliburton is a luggage brand name, with a line of aluminum attache cases. Orazor (talk) , 29 September 2014 (UTC) I think the "Helvetica Scenario" explanation is wrong, but I don't know enough about it to feel comfortable editing. (I didn't watch the Youtube clip since I'm at work, so maybe that's what the clip refers to.

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