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In order for the prosecutor to convict you of this offense, he/she must prove the following facts (otherwise known as "elements" of the crime): dissuaded or intimidated a witness or victim.

This means that if you were unaware that the person was a witness / victim or didn't realize you were engaging in intimidating or threatening behavior, you aren't guilty of this offense.

Penal Code 136.1 PC does not apply to actual testimony Penal Code 136.1 PC isn't a "catchall" for punishing all efforts to influence a victim or witness.

There are a few offenses that are frequently charged in connection with dissuading a witness.Dissuading a witness and its relationship to Penal Code 186.22 PC California's criminal street gang enhancement If the prosecutor proves that you are guilty of violating Penal Code 136.1 PC California's "dissuading a witness" law "for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with any criminal street gang", California's gang enhancement kicks in.A conviction under Penal Code 186.22 PC California's criminal street gang enhancement automatically imposes a seven-year-to-life state prison sentence if you are found guilty of violating Penal Code 136.1 PC.Penal Code 136.1 PC (California's law against dissuading or intimidating a witness or victim) makes it illegal to prevent (or attempt to prevent) any witnesses or victims of a crime from reporting the crime or testifying about the crime.address: If, after reading this article, you would like more information, we invite you to contact us at Shouse Law Group.

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