Is jill bennett dating cathy debuono

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I know the Afterellen vloggers were subject to gossip a few years ago and that played a part in your eventual move from Afterellen to She Wired.They promised a follow-up interview and guess what — they came through!Although, they can be unrealistic, submissive, self-pitying, dependent, codependent Cathy Debuono was born on a Friday.

I asked the question because they were owed the opportunity to finally close this much speculated chapter in their own words.

Jill: I practically minored in the Lesbian Internet so I naturally had a lot of questions for these two. And, what we found people responded to in the [pre-taped] video blogs was the Real Jill and the Real Cathy, our real opinions and our real stories, not a canned, carefully created, crafted persona that a PR person tells you to put forward. They have declined to comment in all other interviews but finally felt enough time had passed to share their experience with their fans, who still wanted their side of the story. Out at the Wedding was making festival rounds and After Ellen had done feature stories on both me and the film and there was some interest there. Around that same time was when I first met Sarah Warn.

I feel really good about continually finding my own truth and continually being able to share whatever that is. And Jill and I are so not afraid to let our imperfections, flaws and our biases show. And, being able to make mistakes and grow and let people see it.

Former pro volleyball player who, after getting injured, became an actress. After a knee injury sidelined her, she took up acting.

She went to the University of Kentucky on a full volleyball scholarship and then earned several medals at the U.

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