Is there speed dating in utah

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Sometimes technologies go unused for years, not because they don’t have value, but because the right person, with the right expertise, hasn’t come along.

Brigham Young University is one of the other universities that has already committed to attending the “speed teching” event. “We have a lot of great technologies that need to be seen by potential investors and industry partners,” says Mike Alder, director of BYU’s Technology Transfer Office. Utah needs forums like this so interested parties can see and participate in our best technology opportunities.” In a related effort, the U is now offering a new type of technology license also designed to advance technologies quickly.

The “value express license agreements” are much different – there are no upfront fees, they are not exclusive, and there is a standard format that can be executed on the spot.

If an investor wants to adjust the terms – for example, to gain exclusivity – the U is willing to renegotiate at any time.

Ling Zang, USTAR Professor of Nanotechnology at the University of Utah, is developing a new way to detect mercury.

It’s called a “value express license agreement.” These new licenses are much simpler and cheaper than standard agreements.

Typical licenses require fees, provide exclusivity and can take months to negotiate.

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