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His "Waterworks Collection" showcased the larger-than-life mural of his Billabong Pipeline Masters wave.Gingko Press published the 160-page Drawing Attention exhibit catalog.Finally, ten depth interviews were organized with the sponsors and took place at Heracles Almelo or at the office of the sponsor.Conclusion: Recommendations have emerged in the in-depth interviews with Sponsors of Heracles Almelo to improve their relationship with Heracles Almelo.Indeed, professional sports would not be possible without the money generated from Sponsorship deals these days.For Heracles Almelo it is important to retain their existing Sponsors.

At the start of his career, Van Hamersveld created the timeless, culturally transcendent "Endless Summer" film poster while he was still attending art school at Art Center and Chouinard.

There are several concepts in sports management that can identify the level of loyalty from a sponsor towards Heracles Almelo and in general professional sporting organisations.

Relationship Marketing is one of the key strategic issues for the managers of Heracles Almelo for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with their sponsors.

A side from that key-concepts are discussed where the focus of Heracles Almelo should be in order to retain a good relationship with their sponsors..

This thesis provides descriptive evidence of the relationship marketing orientation on customer; sponsorship loyalty.

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