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Other conditions will es require the operator to rewind the tape by pressing the REWIND pushbutton on the operator control panel. When the beginning -of -tape marker reaches the photosense unit, the rewind will be ended, and the tape unit will advance the tape until the reflective marker is at the photo- sense head.TO UNLOAD THE TAPE, push the REWIND pushbutton again.Lead the end of the tape over the buffer arm guide and down through the slot guide in the head assembly cover.The passage of the tape through the slot causes the small shield over the head assembly to move away from the head.The tape will be pulled through the tape path and returned to the supply reel.

II - 4 At the conclusion of a tape system operation with the computer, or at other times when it is necessary, the tape will be rewound onto the supply reels Norm-aily, the computer or data system will issue a re- wind command without operator participation.Evidence reported by marcus lucero for item lapidairesdelan22mdelrich on Aug 17, 2006; no visible notice of copyright and date found; stated date is 1899; not published by the US government; Have not checked for notice of renewal in the Copyright renewal records.MOD 10 MAGNETIC TAPE TRANSPORT OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL 200237 December 1973 WANGCO Incorporated 5404 Jandy Place Los Angeles, California 90066 PREFACE This manual has been prepared to permit separation of the first three sections, which then form an operator's manual.The tape then tracks properly over the read/write heads and other elements in the head assembly. At the capstan end of the head cover slot, lead the tape around the capstan and over the top of the other buffer guide . Pass tiie tape over the top Ox the lixed takeup ree*. Press the end of the tape against the hub through one of the openings in the reel flange . Holding the tape against the hub, turn the reel until the end of the tape is overlapped and secured by the next tape layer. To complete the loading operation, firmly press the LOAD pushbutton on the operator's control panel (Figure 4) .Both buffer arms will move to their normal operating positions and the capstan will pull the tape forward until the beginning -of -tape (BOT) marker reaches the photosense assembly.

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