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If everyone reading Pravmir could donate 5 euros a month, they would contribute greatly to our ability to spread the word of Christ, Orthodoxy, life's purpose, family and society.Christian is joined by Jacob Saylor, youth director at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Phoenix, Arizona.Together they explore some of the foundational points of building a Christian community.// ------ change widget appearance ------ var widget_width = "100%", // in "px", or "%".“Soon By You” has received an unexpectedly warm reception.Hoffman, the only married member of the team, says he’s already being recognized by people in his Washington Heights neighborhood, which is home to a sizable modern Orthodox population. In fact, as “Soon By You” got going, Gottfried reached out to “Srugim” creator Laizy Shapiro, who imparted some sage advice: Don’t explain Orthodox Judaism to a broader audience. As Hoffman explains, “Srugim” uses concepts like Shabbat restrictions and a “tefillin date” — a romantic sleepover that involves laying tefillin the morning after — that would seem like insider knowledge to some.The group points to “Srugim” — a short-lived but wildly popular Israeli show about five single Orthodox characters, which had a second life in the U. But the show allows viewers to figure out the concepts on their own and, more important, even if a religious theme goes over most viewers’ heads, the show remains entertaining to a more secular audience.“As far as modern media and pop culture go, you don’t really see much modern Orthodox,” Hoffman says.

You go out to eat during Lent and they’ve ordered shrimp, asking the waiter if it’s cooked in canola oil or olive oil.

“Soon by You” — the phrase is one of well-wishing — is generating considerable buzz in New York City’s modern Orthodox community.

A pilot episode, originally devised as a short film, has garnered over 30,000 views on You Tube in its first two weeks online.

Having said that, Pravmir provides daily articles from an autonomous news service, weekly wall newspaper for churches, lectorium, photos, videos, hosting and servers.

Editors and translators work together towards one goal: to make our four websites possible -,, and For example, 5 euros a month is it a lot or little? It is not that much for a family budget, but it is a significant amount for Pravmir.

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