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In 2010, in the television series Lost Girl, his character is a Fae wolf-shifter, employed in the human world as a cop.

He played Quint Lane, the mutated lycan, in the film Underworld: Awakening (2012).

I liked the possibilities that the storyline and the genre offered.

I liked the character of Dyson and the chance to play something that’s so outside of myself. Those are very interesting challenges, as far as acting goes, and there’s also a lot of freedom of personal expression, within that. For a show that could have easily been really cheesy in the wrong hands, as there something that sold you on the concept and tone of this show?

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Holden-Ried studied at Montreal's Concordia University School of Business.HOLDEN-RIED: That’s an interesting thing that you bring up.Originally, that darkness of it was what attracted me to it, and I think what attracted a lot of people to it.An animal would be standing on their toes, so I created this forward-position body mechanic for him.But, I had no idea that, after doing it for two years, I would have severe problems with my back.

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