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Tayoubi emphasized that robot exploration is not the immediate goal of the Scan Pyramids project, but rather something that may be considered in the future.Muon testing and analysis is a slow process and will take at least a year before the Scan Pyramids team has new results, Tayoubi said."We are working hard to have a robot that is reliable as possible and as little damaging as possible; and we hope that we will be able to convince the Ministry of Antiquities that this is the most appropriate technology for the next step.In the meantime, we might deploy our robots in other places," such as heritage and industrial buildings, Mouret said.

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The 2.4" screen is great for internet browsing, taking and viewing pictures, playing videos and gaming.

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities will also need to give final approval for the robots.

The hole that needs to be drilled would damage the pyramid slightly.

They have a working prototype of both the scout and blimp robots.

"However, we are still working on designing a reliable deployment and folding mechanism to deploy the blimp," Mouret said.

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