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He wanted to free himself from Western classical and romantic traditions, and found a bold, raw, unpolished and passionate tone in his music, which speaks directly to the heart in its deep human emotions.This is the most complete set ever assembled of music by one of the most original composers in the Western canon, whose bold synthesis of native musical and dramatic traditions with an entirely personal grasp of harmony and timing made him influential way beyond the slender size of his eccentrically proportioned and editorially complex surviving output, which took on huge importance for figures as diverse as Olivier Messiaen, Igor Stravinsky and Harrison Birtwistle.By continuing to browse this website you accept the use of cookies. Mussorgsky / Gewandhausorchester Leipzig Release Date: 09/24/2013 Label: Brilliant Classics Catalog #: 94670 Spars Code: DDD Composer: Modest Mussorgsky Performer: Alexander Warenberg, G. Conductor: Igor Markevitch, Issay Dobrowen, Atanas Margaritov, Evgeny Brazhnik Orchestra/Ensemble: Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, ORTF National Orchestra, Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Paris Choir, ...Toimittajat: Anna-Liisa Kristiansson-Seppl ja Ulla-Maija Kulonen Kntjt: David Steadman (englanti), Mare Onga (viro) ja Wolfgang Veenker (saksa) Atk-asiantuntijat: Tarmo Rahikainen, Mikko T.Virtanen ja Outi Lehtinen Sanaston termien muoto | Sanaston rakenne ja lyhenteet | Sanasto Sanaston termien muoto Asiasanat ovat aina substantiiveja: joko yksittistermej, sanaliittoja tai yhdyssanoja. Yksikss ovat abstrakteja ksitteit ja toimintaa kuvaavat sanat.

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Asiasanojen suhteet osoitetaan seuraavilla lyhenteill: KYT = viittaus ohjaustermist asiasanaan KT = korvattu termi LT = laajempi termi ST = suppeampi termi RT = rinnakkaistermi, vierustermi Ekvivalenssisuhde osoitetaan lyhenteill KYT ja KT (korvattu termi).

But in many ways the songs lie at the heart of Mussorgsky's output, not least because they are our purest access to the composer's imagination, the larger-scale pieces sometimes needing and in any case receiving extensive intervention from later admirers and composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov and Shostakovich, who wanted Mussorgsky's music to survive way beyond his drunken and chaotic life.

Other information: - Mussorgsky left many of his works unfinished, or even destroyed them.

Several of his works were finished by fellow composers, who also took care of them in "improving" or "cleaning" the sometimes too original (for their taste..) writing.

- This set contains the three surviving operas: Boris Godunow, Khovantchina, Sorochinsky Fair, the complete songs, the piano music (of course the original version of Pictures of an Exhibition), orchestral music (the Rimsky-Korsakov orchestration of the Pictures).

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