Mistakes women make dating men

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Again, many women do something like this at this point that kick starts the overcompensation cycle. They bug him nonstop looking for an explanation as to why he cancelled their dinner date.

Again, the natural instinct for almost all women at this point is to overcompensate for their man’s weaning interest by becoming clingy, needy, and controlling.

He’ll pull farther away, causing the cycle to spin out of control until he can’t stand it anymore and decides to abandon ship.

I’m guessing you’ve either experienced this type of situation yourself in the past or one of your girlfriends has and ended up crying on your sofa until 2AM.

If this sounds even a little bit familiar, if you recognize that your actions and behaviors in past relationships led to the overcompensation cycle and ruined your shot with the guy you really liked, then stop what you’re doing and watch the video on my website.

In that video, I explain how to use what I call love triggers on your man that without him even realizing it, builds his attraction to you to the point where he’s basically obsessed with you.

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