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545 Description of Armorial Bearings of the Carnegies, . Printed in Alexander his 'dear and only brother.' — Minutes of Evidence in Southesk Peerage, [E.xtract Bond at Kinnaird.] II. In a bond, dated 9th September 1665, ^ Original Discharges at Kinnaird. 4 r^ ■ ■ 1 t^- 1 1 1 ■ * Original Discharge by him of the above 3 Original Discharge at Arbuthnot. marriage-contract is in the charter-room at ^ Original Bond, ibid. In 1 Original Family Contract, dated 23d James second Earl of Southesk calls Sir December 1639, at Kinnaird. 1721, as may be concluded from an account of Ms executry, in which he is mentioned as dead in January 1722.-' Mr. aunts, and cousin Brooks are very well, and •• Original Discharge at Kinnaird. ' Andrew, it is presumed, died soon after, unmarried, as no other notice of him has been found among the family papers. Margaret, the eldest daughter, who married James Carnegie of Bal- namoon, and had issue.* 9. in Minutes of Evidence in Southesk Peerage, Carnegie's Pedigree, p. The inconvenience to which they put him was aggravated from the heav;^' burdens which pressed on his estate, arising from a jointure to his mother and provisions to his brothers aad sisters, whilst at the same time he had to support a large family of his own. Anne Brooks to her 248 SIR ALEXANDER CARNEGIE, FIRST OF PITTARROW, 1639-1682. Robert Carnegie writes, — ' Our uncle, ^ Original Letter, ibid. The will narrates that, on 1st October 1676, Sir David Carnegie granted a bond for 1000 merks to Catherine Carnegie, his sister ; and failing her, by decease before her father and mother, to Mr. James Carnegie, dated 14:th June 1-677, as then alive. sterling, as we learn from the Act of Privy Council, dated 10th February 1691.^ For these losses Sir David Carnegie was never fully remunerated. 929,2 C215f V.2 1358159 GENEALOGY COL-LECTION J 3 1833 01208 5038 CONTENTS OF THE SECOND VOLUME. The Caenegies of Pittarrow, previous to their becoming the Heirs-Male of Southesk, . Alexander Carnegie mentions that Eobert's mother predeceased him, and that James, his brother, was drowned before he covild hear of Eobert's death.^ Eobert and James Carnegie both died without lawful children, as is evident from the fact that their uncle, ]\Ir. Mungo Carnegie became an advocate at the Scottish bar, and was ap- pointed Sheriff-clerk of Haddingtonshire. Frind, — I am so indisposed I could not come to Drumlithie, and hope my man will come so timously to thee as to prevent thy trouble of comeing from home.

The old knight seems to have begun to feel that the young baronet was treading rather closely on his heels. Sir Alexander also, by the same disposition, for the better preservation of the plantations about Pittarrow (Sir David having engaged to supply him from time to time with timber for upholding such houses as Sir Alexander possessed, or was obliged to uphold), renounced to his son all right of cuttuig or sawing the same.'' Other contracts were entered into betwixt Sir Alexander and Sir David relative to the debts which affected the estate of Pittarrow and the provi- sions for the younger children of Sir Alexander.^ Soon after his becoming Laird of Pittarrow, Sir Alexander Carnegie married Margaret Arbuthnot, a daughter of his neighbour, the Laird of Arbuthnot, and sister of the first Viscount of Arbuthnot. Lykas, I ordaine the said James Carnegie of Balnamoone to cause inventar the saides wrytes and evidents, and to keep the samen by him, and to redelyver and give up the saidis wrytes and evidents wpon inventer to the said James Ogilvie, my esecutore forsaid, for quhich he is to be comptable for the superplus more then payes himselfe, and the creditoris abovewrittin, and all wther creditoris quhich at presente hes escaped my memorie, accord- ing as their debt shall be found to be just and true ; and willis and ordaines my said executoure to distribute the said superplus amongst the rest of my brethren and sister (my eldest brother and Androw being secluded), at the sight and the order and direction of the Earl of Southesk, the Viscount of Arbouthnot, Sir Alexander Carnegie, my father, and the said James Carnegie of Balnamoone, or anie thrie of them,- — the Earl of Southesk being alwayes one.

The Carnegies of, APPENDIX of Letters, Charters, etc., .... Under the marriage-contract of his son Su- David, Sir Alexander, however, reserved power during his lifetime to burden the lands conveyed to his son with the sum of 50,000 merks Scots, for the payment of his debts, and for provisions to his younger children. 243 ought to be uplioklen to him as lifereuter of the manor-place, that Sii- Alexander might have no cause for cutting, demolishing, or destroying the growing trees and ' plantains' of Pittarrow. Item, to Hugh Neilson, appothecarie in Edinburgh, for appothecarie accompts, the soume of Item, to the Laird of Balnamoone the sowme of ane hundreth markes Scots monie or theirby, as my accompt will cleare.

In 1663 he conveyed his estates to his eldest son David on his marriage ; and after this he continiied until his death to live in comparative retirement, leaving the management of the estate to his son as the proprietor. Item, to Mistris Jean Ken- nedie, his spous, the soume [of] thriescore ten poundes monie forsaid.

Alexander Carnegie, and then- aunt, Janet Carnegie, Mrs. He acquired the estate cousin, Margaret Carnegie, Lady Salton, give their humble service to you.' Both flated 23d March 1722. I have here sent thee my raw project, which thou may see, it being the first and only coppy I have, to receave the amendments of thy more mature judgment, which, when thou has perused and corrected, send to Johnston, that he may trans- mitt to Oldbair what thou and he sees meet : that at least will let those of Angus know what is our desein.

I shall expect my coppy back one the next week ; and the weather being tollerable, iff in health, upon advertisment will meet thee where thou will appoint.

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