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The drawback with online dating is that you will likely have to go through some duds before you have any success.

It is very easy for you to sign up and publish your profile, but it’s also easy for spammers and for people to pose as something that they are not.

It’s natural to think that, if you are over 50 and not married, you must have been doing something wrong or you are not a good person to date.

It’s up to you to show them that you are just as desirable as someone who has tried marriage and failed.

40 percent of them said that they were thinking about it, but they were not actually doing it.

The other 60 percent said that they don’t need a relationship to be happy. You have the experience to do it right now and dating can be amazing if you open yourself up to it.

The first thing you should realize if you are over 50 and have never been married is that it is possible to have a healthy and happy single life.

Many single people over 50 have had at least one divorce and it might make you feel like you went wrong somewhere. Everyone’s case is unique and I’m sure you have your own set of reasons for being single at 50.

With simple navigation and profile building, several ways of searching and communicating are open to members for online dating.The assessment building section will help us match members for real connections and provides members another tool for searching. As a new dating site, we are offering all users FREE accounts & memberships for a trial period.All Never Married users will have the option to continue your membership with Never Married after the FREE sign on period by signing up for a monthly commitment package.You Know Better What You Want In Your Fifties The truth is; most people make better decisions about who they date when they start getting older.It’s especially true at an age like 50 when you are old enough to have some wisdom, but you still have some pep in your step.

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