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Nextopia is an Ecommerce Acceleration Platform that specializes in on-site search, navigation and merchandising tools.

We help consumers find the product they are looking for, with the use of a powerful machine-learning algorithm that learns shoppers’ behaviors and will promote products that are more likely to convert on your online store.

It can be used to bundle all locale translation JSON files into a single file using webpack.

The plugin is also compatible with webpack-dev-server for hot reloading while editing translations.

The search page queries an Elasticsearch cluster of horror movies dating back to 1960 based on the filters that have been selected.

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Nextopia converts more shoppers into buyers by creating a superior shopping experience.

Feefo collects reliable, genuine and authentic customer feedback to deliver up to date insights so businesses and consumers can make better decisions.

A simple Twitter clone using React/Apollo to connect to a Graph QL Spring Boot API.

As a software developer for Nextopia, Scott worked on various features of Nextopia's product suite.

These features included building a reporting section for autocomplete data, creating a geo-merchandizing section, implementing a templating system for Nextopia's "product finder" product, and many others.

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