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We can do so without interrupting our Skype call as long as we devote sufficient mental attention to that conversation.Be aware however, that depending on the placement of your computer’s microphone, the sound of your typing can be quite loud for the person you’re speaking to.Skype is generally accepted as a lower priority activity when people are forced to chose.When looking to call someone over Skype (in a Skype-to-Skype call), it’s polite to ask for permission to ring before calling.We’d also like to point out that if someone stops responding to our conversation in mid-chat, our first reaction should not be immediate anger or concern for the welfare of our colleague.That person might have been interrupted by the phone or some other important activity.Extremely casual dress, strange settings, colleagues walking by in the background, and close-up views of eating are just a few examples of how video can end up being more distracting than useful.

Writing, will only take a few seconds away from the planned call time and will avoid catching someone off-guard.In a sense, sending a colleague an instant message over Skype is like knocking on the door of our contact’s virtual office.It’s important to start the conversation with a polite greeting and friendly enquiry about our colleague’s openness to interruption.Working for a mini-international, I use Skype daily to communicate with London, Chicago, Florida and beyond.For me, Skype is a valuable business communication tool.

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