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Peering across a global network can be incredibly difficult.Conventional out-of-the-box Web RTC solutions require each client to establish and maintain separate connections with every other participant in a complicated network where the bandwidth load increases exponentially as each additional participant is added.The IP address read requests are not visible in the browsers developer console, and they are not blocked by common ad blocking/privacy plugins (enabling online tracking by advertisers and other entities despite precautions). Flash was planned to be discontinued a decade ago but alternatives took a long time and browsers continued support as that was the only reliable method to provide certain features as broadcasting webcam.Currently browsers and developers plan to end support for Flash at the end of 2020.Web RTC could loose the current battle for its standardisation and interoperability, with many implementation proposals over the top web browsers or with a divergent market approach from Google, Microsoft, Apple.RTMP is reliably implemented on all PC browsers with Flash plugin and as stand alone applications for mobile and desktop OS.

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In January 2015, Torrent Freak reported that browsers supporting Web RTC suffer from a serious security flaw that compromises the security of VPN-tunnels, by allowing the true IP address of the user to be read.

Most ADSL connections have under 100Mbps upload allowing streaming such video to a maximum of 12 users.

A solution is to use a relay server for streaming reliable from and to Web RTC clients as implemented with the solution.

Depending on ISP and network setup an important share of users can’t connect and stream directly to each other at all.

Some experience huge latency (several seconds) and massive frame loss over P2P. Using a relay server is most reliable solution for video communications.

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