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Moderator chats are always private but creators can choose to allow all viewers to preview their Subscriber chat Room, even if they can’t participate.

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Notes: All fees must be paid in full on the account bill day.The launch follows other changes on Twitch in recent days, including new features to highlight a channel’s top fans, and notable update to Twitch’s community policies to crack down on hate speech, harassment, and sexual content.Rooms could potentially help with those goals to some extent, as it could allow people to move their back-and-forth messages out of the main chat to a sub-chat where their posts are less visible – or even invisible – to the general viewing audience.But Rooms can also be used by groups who may have otherwise dominated the main Stream Chat with unrelated messages, memes, or private jokes, or for any other topic of the creators’ choosing, whether related to gaming or not.More importantly, they allow the channel’s community to stay connected and chat even when the creator isn’t streaming.

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