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Before I go on any further about the romantic indoor rock climbing date…Safety always comes first and foremost This is what is going to be standing between you waking up to tomorrow and not.Take it as a chance to tell them how impressed/proud you were of their achievements even though they may not have got to the top.Best of all it is celebrating the success of reaching the best within you and coming down to an awesome hug or hi-five that help lead into the next element that comes shining out in this indoor date idea.It is a great excuse to burn some calories then reward all that effort with a great meal afterwards! ’ You’re both going to be starving and almost any kind of food is going to sound like heaven to your date after the workout!Now I hear you telling me ‘But we’re both sweaty and smelly!!! Also remember that these indoor climbing centres also have change rooms, so bring some deodorant and a nice change of clothes along for the date. When a couple has a shared interest in a particular hobby it makes it easier to bond together, especially if they do it together.To scale any wall you are going to have to need a partner.When either of you strap in and ready yourselves to go up, you go up knowing and placing full faith in your partner believing that they are going to be there to catch you. You are pretty much blindly trusting your partner to do what you both have been trained, only a few seconds or minutes ago, to do.

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The main consensus here seems to be "just start climbing" but I don't want to end up getting there, get all geared up, and not even be able to get myself completely off the ground. The place where I'm pretty sure he's planning on taking me is an outdoor wall (not natural rock) with routes ranging from 5.6-5.11 in a fairly large park in the area. Also, you guys say that climbing shoes are really important, but are they completely vital to first time climbing? He's taking you climbing because he wants to impress you with how supportive/understanding he is, and with his ability/athletecism. As long as you don't start crying in fear, it'll be fine.

I was asked to go rock climbing as a first date kinda thing, with this guy I've liked for a while.

The thing is, he's been climbing for years, his whole family does it, he's the whole outdoorsy-outgoing-athletic package.

With all these benefits why not at least give it a whirl to see if it appeals to you and your partner?

EDITEDITAGAIN: Weather gods not so nice, we're going today!

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