Role of women dating in nigerian culture middle class dating

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In his book ‘Society must be defended’, written in 1976, Michel Foucault speaks about historical revisionism, hinting to a an earlier statement made by Winston Churchill who said that “History is written by the victors”. A significant amount of historical narrative is still being written by those with the most power.Anybody who has the misfortune of having to define love finds himself in a great difficulty.In our submission, this is the height of over simplification of the matter, because, for one thing, Basden does not define what love or courtship essentially means.For another, from his conclusion it is evident that his study of the Igbo people is superficial.This is because the word 'love',, like 'justice' is subject to many bewildering and often contradictory interpretations or connotations.Many a murder, many an abortion and other crimes and shocking sins have been committed in the name of love.This conclusion is based, for what it is worth, on the assertion that daughters usually take after their mothers. Young people about to marry, may exchange visits, which are regulated by custom and supervised by the parents/guardian of either party.This is for them the occasion to know more and be more interested in each other.

The practice of a boy marching up and down the town with a girl did not exist, although it is coming in gradually today.

For the Igbo, love is much deeper, more important than the emotional feigns.

For -them love is not merely motivated by physical beauty.

Each feels proud of and satisfied with having the other as partner in the difficult but noble task of raising a family.

This is what the Igbos of the past and today generally understand by "ifuna-anya" .

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