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The turn of the 19th century saw the flute reach the eight key stage with the invention of the "long" F key.

The instrument yet retained much of the characteristics of the earlier one key or baroque flute.

This development however is to be taken up by another writer.

For our purposes, we can assume that interest in the eight key flute as a "fine music" instrument started to wane from around 1850; certainly there is evidence that few eight key instruments were made after 1870.

There is an opportunity and a need to chronicle the revival while the makers who started it are still alive.

This might well be the subject of a future study ...

Tuning though was not good, and the volume of tone available was falling a long way behind what the larger orchestras and concert venues of the day called for.

While occasional instruments were made up to and beyond the turn of the century, the period 1820 to 1860 probably encompass the eight key's early golden years.

It's interesting to look at what else was happening in the world during that period.

In England, Stephenson invents his "Rocket", Peel his police force, child labour and slavery were abolished, and the Great Exhibition celebrates the greatness of Victorian Britain.

The same period in America saw Indians removed to the reservations, the Battle of the Alamo, the Californian gold rush, Lincoln becoming President and the leadup to the Civil War.

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