Secret web cams

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Almost all of our dealings with other hosts have been wonderful and we don’t want a few bad apples ruining the platform for everyone.” A spokesman for Airbnb told The Irish Times: “We have permanently removed this bad actor from our platform.

Our original handling of this incident did not meet the high standards we set for ourselves, and we have apologised to the family and fully refunded their stay.

The same post contains a family photo taken from live stream of the surveillance camera after it had been accessed.

"The host admitted to the concealed camera over the phone, only after presented with our irrefutable proof," she added.

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She said Airbnb needs “a very clear no tolerance policy on hidden cameras not mentioned in listings.

“We love Airbnb and want too see the company continue to provide cost effective and interesting travel options to people like us.

However, the family told CNN that Airbnb was initially dismissive of the whole incident.

It felt like a huge invasion of our privacy and it felt like the exact opposite of what Airbnb should be about -mutual trust.

“We were very, very upset with the outcome of Airbnb’s first investigation.

The hidden camera was found after one of the family members scanned the surrounding Wi-Fi networks.

Airbnb has removed the host from its platform, after the family initially claimed the home-sharing service had been dismissive of the whole incident.

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