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She told police that in another incident, a rope or cord was placed around her neck and she was required to stand on a bucket, the complaint said.

“She stated that Holby then forced her off of the bucket and she described a period in which she could not breathe,” the complaint said.

“Powers did not free (her), nor did he contact law enforcement,” the complaint said.

The complaint says the girl had a television set and fan in the closet, and food and water were brought to her.

Thomas Barker, 32, of Carlos, Minn., and Steven Powers, 20, of Benson, were charged with kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct and false imprisonment.

Holby has been convicted of misdemeanor theft and four petty misdemeanors, all driving related.Court documents detail instances in which the Alexandria girl said she believed that the men were trying to kill her, including when she fought back as one of them tried to push her underwater in a bathtub, and another when a cord or rope was placed around her neck and she was forced to hang until she couldn’t breathe.Weeks into her ordeal, police knocked on the door of the mobile home where she was being held to investigate a report of stolen property, but no one answered.This report includes information from the Forum News Service."Many people do not reach out for traditional counseling due to time constraints and other logistical reasons.

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