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Duane thought so highly of Peter he recommended him to be a State Trooper and a Portland Police Officer.

What changed that caused all of this off the rails and off duty reckless and career ending misconduct?

These are the same judges that knock Pro Se litigants out of court all the time for violating any rule about filing deadlines, reply deadlines, fee payments, discovery deadlines, and many, many more.

Yet, here we have a longtime judge so incompetent that he can’t understand the rule in his own hand. At what point does a State Trooper think it’s okay to harass the ex-boyfriend of his daughter?

This from the crew that either starts every financial crisis in America, or makes the crisis worse. The future of Crypto is nothing less than stellar when any politician realizes he can walk out of a hotel room with a Million dollars on a 3 oz. As a bonus to our loyal readers we can refer you to a CRYPTO that is backed by a GRAM of GOLD (currently worth ) for every 100 coins you hold. We can see it now in Marden’s Chambers, ex parte, what’s this foolish ex parte thing, I don’t pay any attention to that crap.

This from the crew that sets interest rates that either artificially pumps up the stock market or makes it dive. Bank flew in the face of the Federal Reserve’s hokum and got in early. thumb drive in Crypto or for that matter a 100 Million dollars. Try and get that deal at your local Federal Reserve Bank. Thank you Judiciary Committee for turning this Nut Case loose on the citizens of Maine AGAIN!

During the court proceedings Strand hires Jens-Peter Bergen, Esq.

This from the crew that prints hundred dollar bills like other companies prints wallpaper. You can’t buy toilet paper in Venezuela, even with Bitcoin. AOC ought to spend a week there using her hand like the population does.Which one of these members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve went to prison after they let the bankers kill the housing market? Next, the show had a clip of the Winklevoss Twins that invented Face Book before Mark Zuckerberg stole it from them and paid them EACH ,000,000 to settle their lawsuit against him. Morgan/Chase Bank issued their own Crypto years ago and it’s currently number 2 behind Bitcoin on the top 100 list out of 2,000 Cryptos with a cap value over -BILLION. The show gave a nod to Venezuela that went from the 4 under socialism and has an inflation rate so high that it’s measured in hundreds of thousands of percent per month. They will find it much easier than lugging a million dollars in 100-dollar bills that weights 43.75 lbs. (Editor’s Note: This week Marden’s in hot water again, publicly for a change. The reason we have incompetent, rude, arrogant, condescending, rule and law violating, and out of control judges on our courts in Maine is because they are placed there by the Joint Judiciary Committee of the Legislature even AFTER they demonstrate that they don’t understand Rule 76 H during their own hearing.What the losers at 60 Minutes left out was the recent announcement that Face Book just made a BILLION investment in a block chain company for their launch into CRYPTO CURRENCY! So what does the population use for their go to currency? Answer to the question in the headline is: The quality of the paper it’s printed on. Judge Donald Marden, a longtime judge in Maine said it was his policy not to allow any recording in his courtroom other than the official court reporter. Even when confronted with the copy of the rule and QUESTIONED by a member of the Committee he held fast to his WRONG assessment of what was on the printed page!This might wind up biting Strand on his ass because Norway, we’re told, won’t allow citizens to reenter Norway if they are accused of Rape and Assault in another country.While his crew is topside during a regatta racing his sailboat (see photo below) Strand is below deck taking a selfie to send to Jeni and joins the Bezos and Weiner club (see photo below).

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