Snes dating games

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In fact, I was not even aware of its existence until a few years ago.If you enjoy action games with exploration elements such as Metroid and Castlevania, you need to take a serious look at Phantom 2040.It has a very original art style and the visuals and environments are colorful and creative.Strong characters, great controls, and some seriously difficult, yet awesome bosses make this game a sleeper hit From Press The Buttons’ Review: “One of my favorite games to spring from the great cartoon character game mascot wars of the 16-bit generation has to be Plok for the Super NES.Phantom 2040 also incorporates some of the item and power-up collection elements from other classic games like Metroid and Legend of Zelda.Items includes things such as a Wave Punch, a shield, and the Shadow Panther, which leaps from enemy to enemy and defeats all that it touches.

Demon’s Crest has a similar structure to Metroid and the more recent 2D Castlevanias in this sense, as each power-up you find will open up new parts of the world.From RVG Fanatic’s Review: “Do Re Mi Fantasy is a highly polished side-scrolling platformer. In each world there’s a minimum of 6 levels followed by a boss. The levels aren’t particularly long, but they possess plenty of detail, quirky enemies, excellent backdrops, ace set pieces and satisfying gameplay moments. you really have to see it in motion to fully appreciate it.Milon is a great character, full of charm and animated brilliantly. ” Check for Do Re Mi Fantasy on e Bay So if we are going to feature a North American gem here, I think we should go with Plok.It won’t have quite the polish of those titles, but it’s dirt cheap and lots of fun.From Racketboy’s Full Review: “Again, if you enjoy the Metroid style of gameplay, you should feel right at home with Phantom 2040.

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