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We have received reports of implementations of both Windows network filesystems and NFS in which locking was subtly broken.We can not verify these reports, but as locking is difficult to get right on a network filesystem we have no reason to doubt them.This should cause it to throw during creation, which should cause it to fall over to no persistence.This is how things worked in the esent days as well.Didn’t even consider it since devenv/servicehub crash might corrupt DB and make it unusable.

@sharwell I would also note, that the original cause of "slowness" described was precisely because SQLite tested a file to exist on each operation.

Number of File IOCreate syscalls over a 10-second range with journal_mode=memory: This should def be tested.

However, what should happen is that the second instance simply won't be able to read the DB.

SQLite depends on this implementation being correct.

If something goes wrong and two or more processes are able to write the same database file at the same time, severe damage can result.

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