Sun dating

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To get this number, we look for the oldest things we can find. When astronauts brought them back for scientists to study them, they were able to find out how old they are.

If our Sun is four and a half billion years old, how much longer will it shine? It still has about 5,000,000,000—five billion—years to go.

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When that happens, it will be different than the Sun we know today.

As a red giant, our Sun will become about 2,000 times brighter than it is now!

“How big” is almost always an easier question to answer than “how old.” Though we can measure the sizes of animals and plants easily enough, we can often only guess at their ages. The ancient Greeks Eratosthenes and Aristarchus measured the size of the Earth and Moon, but could not begin to understand how old they were.

It was also astrophysics that finally provided a method for dating the Earth itself.

More generally, uniformitarianism holds that the physical laws and processes we see today are the key to understanding the past.

This is the idea that, today, enables scientists (including many past and present Members of the Institute) to understand the afterglow of the Big Bang and to see the universe as it was 380,000 years after it formed.

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