Symptoms of dating violence

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Children who witness or are the victims of violence may learn to believe that violence is a reasonable way to resolve conflict between people.

Boys who learn that women are not to be valued or respected and who see violence directed against women are more likely to abuse women when they grow up.

They may have seen violence often or they may have been victims themselves.

Some abusers acknowledge growing up having been abused as a child.

That means that abusers learn violent behavior from their family, people in their community and other cultural influences as they grow up.

Ultimately an abuser needs to get help for their unhealthy and destructive behavior, or find themselves living a solitary and lonely life.

anxiety, depression, and PTSD as well as physical symptoms, such as headaches and stomach aches, have all been linked to Teen Dating Violence (TDV).

Commonly referred to as Teen Dating Violence (TDV), aggressive and abusive behaviors from a partner can be: Oftentimes TDV victimization happens in the context of an ongoing relationship - but not always.

Sexual assault, relentless monitoring, or pursuit of someone may occur outside of an ongoing relationship.

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