Thermoluminescence dating of a deep sea sediment core internetdatingbootcamp com

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Equatorial Atlantic sea surface temperature for the last 30 kyr: A comparison of U37k′, δ18O and foraminiferal assemblage temperature estimates.

Holocene climate and deep ocean circulation changes: Evidence from accelerator mass spectrometer radiocarbon dated Argentine Basin (SW Atlantic) mudwaves.

Forty one of the cores contain pre-Pleistocene sediments.

Glacial-Holocene stratigraphy, chronology, and paleoceanographic observations on some North Atlantic sediment drifts.

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Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, Vol. Studies of lithology, particle-size distributions, and micropaleontology and chemical analyses of 221 Atlantic and Caribbean deep-sea cores lead to new conceptions of processes of sedimentation, rates of sediment accumulation, Pleistocene chronology, and pre-Pleistocene history of the Atlantic Basin.Anomalous layers of sand, silt, and lutite occur widely in the deep basins of the Atlantic. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Sedimentary processes and the creation of the stratigraphic record in the Late Quaternary North Atlantic Ocean.

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