Tic dating

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According to the press release, each one-ounce box contains of a saccharine mix of strawberry and cherry-flavored Tic Tacs, which come in festive white, red, and pink colors.

You may remember these from last year, but this year's box is revamped and ready for V-Day.

TBH, it's killing two birds with one highly refreshing stone, and I'm so about it.

To celebrate the single most romantic holiday of the year is Tic Tac's limited-edition flavor mix, known as the Be Mine Mix.

But after repeated missed connections in the Target checkout line, I resorted to straight-up stalking.

I slunk into every corner of Walgreens and and lurked (without any purchasable items in hand) near the registers to case the candy displays.

Alright, let me preface this with the fact that I haven't been in the dating game for quite a while. And since fresh breath is a total "must" for snuggling up to your boo this V-Day season, Tic Tac's "Be Mine Mix" for Valentine's Day 2019 are coming in clutch.

But back when I was on "the hunt," I always found it important for my dates to always have with fresh-smelling breath. They make it a little easier to tell your date how you really feel about them, while freshening up your breath far more than any classic Conversation Heart.

That's right — the company known for their 100 percent grape juice just released a line of super special Valentine's Day fruit snacks, which are guaranteed to win the heart of any sweet tooth.

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Kind of the way I reflexively X out of pop-up surveys that ask me if I’m liking (at maybe, perhaps, a five-star level? But on a recent Target-run checkout, I decided to actually answer the standard quality-assurance question. And besides, I presumed I might be positioned, at that very moment, temptingly near the object of my desire, like Evangeline hidden in the willows as forlorn Gabriel unknowingly rows by — a kind of grocery-store missed connection. In their mint form, Tic Tacs had never seemed worthwhile, dissolving almost instantly like a one-week fling.

If I didn’t think all this swiping and subsequent ghosting was prime Friday-night fun, I wouldn’t be online.

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