Tom leykis dating single mothers

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("The receipt showed a quarter million dollar balance and she called me just 30 minutes after I met her!" said one apparently satisfied caller.) Leykis says that he has "no patience for callers who agree to have babies with girlfriends, move in with girlfriends, and callers who are just plain stupid." "Plenty of people don't want you to hear this show," Leykis adds.She wants to settle down now because it's the end of the line for her, she can't be a slut anymore, she's already had a kid.She's been forced into needing to find a beta orbiter to commit herself to. Let me tell you EXACTLY what kinda deal you're getting here, you're skipping the whole romance and bliss phase of a relationship and jumping into the deep end; a relationship where she is more focused on the child than you, where her ex is still in the picture and you're looking after his child, where you're spending all of your money on keeping two people satisfied, and where if you stick with it, that child is going to hate you anyway.Ask yourself, why should you need to be the one to pay for their mistakes?She ruined her own life by sleeping with every chad she could find when she was young and wanted to "find herself", and now she believes her beta-orbiters (you) will pick up where chad left her, loose, depressed and with a child she only now has because of ignorance and terrible decisions." Leykis has suggested that women who text or answer a cell phone should be simply abandoned with the check at restaurants (because "when you pay for dinner, you are paying for exclusive access").

I've seen a bunch of threads on here recently about Single Mothers.

How about Leykis in his guise as "The Professor" and his weekly classes for men on "how to get laid for as little money as possible" or on how to "avoid dating single mothers so that their mistakes don't become your responsibilities?

" Or how about his pioneering "Flash Fridays" (later copied by various other radio personalities) in which men are encouraged to turn on their headlights so that women in the know will "flash their assets?

Then I saw him helping get the kids out the car and into the house. She also has her ex-husband running over when she needs help. Her dad came over and introduced himself about a month ago and asked if I met her. It's incredible how much support single mom's need.

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