Triad relationship dating

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To find out more about this modern-day relationship, we spoke with three women in separate triads about how they got into their relationships, how they make it work and some of the pros and cons about having two serious partners at the same time. “I married Roger 33 years ago, and together we married John 22 years ago. After Roger and I married, John — a close friend who I went to college with — and his first husband, Mark, used to visit us.

But sadly, Mark died very young and unexpectedly, and we worried about John.

Now John and I work full time and Roger does a variety of paying and nonpaying things.Also, we don’t have to be interested in everything our partner likes.For example, John and Roger are engineers, and I let them discuss something in that realm and be my history-major self.” Advice to others considering a triad “First, if you thought getting one spouse to agree on something was hard, try three people.We didn’t allow sexual contact with Sarah for a few months, but then it sort of morphed into Joanne and I each having our own personal relationship with our new wife.Making sure the time is split evenly and adequately between the three of us is crucial.

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