Under 25 dating

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I’m tired of insane dating, so I’m saying ‘no’ to the wrong men and wrong dating practices.”“As a women of color and an entrepreneur, dating has been a struggle in 2018.

My dating goals for 2019 are going to change by being more available and saying ‘yes’ when I would have normally said NO.

[...] Ultimately, and I guess this is also a life goal that I’m trying to turn into a reality next year, I want to ask double the amount of questions for every answer I give, and that takes [a lot] of confidence and actual active listening.”“As a professional woman working 60 hours a week and building my own business, finding time to date can be difficult, to say the least!

My goals for 2019 include coming from behind the screen and meeting potential partners in real time!

My role as a digital director for a leading agency keeps me very busy [...] but I won’t let ‘being busy’ be an excuse.

As a result, I’m hoping the Universe (and maybe even my friends! ”“My dating goals for 2019 are to have more experiential dates; ‘getting a drink’ or ‘meeting for coffee’ are so tired.

If the date has to include alcohol, a trip to a vineyard, wine tasting, a wine class led by a sommelier, or a cocktail-making class are all more engaging dates than meeting for Happy Hour.

The New Year is less than a week away, which for some means setting goals for 2019, whether they’re about career, health, money, etc.

After all, if you feel the drive to, the New Year can be a time to refresh many areas of your life, including your love life.

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