Updating tc35 firmware lake norman dating

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It replaces the approved UAD2 and offers new enhancements in the well-known form style.

Now the server is ready to answer to requests from clients (himself included) to establish a connection to a PCD connected to it’s interfaces.

It combines the state-of-the-art debugging features of the UAD2pro with trace capabilities, which makes it ideal for efficient debugging, test and system-level analysis. Besides a large number of powerful debug and trace interfaces, such as DAP, SWD, JTAG, c JTAG and LPD, the UAD2next also supports CAN and ASC interfaces for access to the target.

Robust trace modules, which can be easily plugged in as needed, ensure a fast and efficient transfer of trace data from the target into the UAD2 The Universal Access Device3 , a further development of the already established UAD2 family, was particularly optimized for use in multicore and multi-target systems with high clock frequencies.

This analyzer bases on an up to date hardware and software concept and is easy to use.

The oscilloscope option allows to observe telegrams of specific stations on the oscilloscope, Profi Trace is generating the necessary trigger signals.

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