Updating windows 2016 core

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The basic method was to use Hyper-V Connect to attach to each virtual machine, log in, and run an integration services update from VMguest. This manual task would require a maintenance window for each virtual machine.

Because this was a manual task and introduced downtime, I suspect that many just decided to live without the updates, possibly falling out of support and becoming vulnerable to any otherwise-fixed security problems.

In this post, I will explain how Microsoft changed the process for upgrading the Hyper-V integration components (or integration services, depending on what you’re reading) in a Windows guest OS virtual machine.

I posted an article in 2014 that described the basic architecture of the Hyper-V hypervisor.

In a domain environment you can build up a WSUS server in a couple of minutes then use Group Policy to configure the clients to get all the patches from the WSUS server.

And you do this from a single computer, your technician computer, but there are networks out there that have just a few servers, and some of them are installed without a GUI, and now the patching process just got a little bit complicated.

The second option was to use System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM).

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updating windows 2016 core-57

This will open another window where you need to chose what type of updates you want the tool to check for.

ISO, or forcing the installer into the WSUS catalog. After years of feedback, starting with Windows 10, and then with subsequently released Windows Server 2016, Microsoft changed the update process. ISO in WS2016, and that’s because it’s not used anymore.

Instead, Microsoft is updating the Hyper-V integration components in the guest OS via Windows Update.

CAB file) from the Download Center to your guest OS.

You like server core, I know, I like it to sometimes, especially when there is a domain environment present and you can centralize everything.

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