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It is recommended that the process of validation occurs at the time of development of your assessment tools as a minimum.The process of validating student evidence and assessment decisions will also look at the way your tools are worded.The validation outcomes provides you with some valuable information.You should identify judgements tools you could use to undertake the activity, such as a validation checklist.For those who follow my updates, they will be getting the feeling that I am passionate about providing you with information to assist you with your RTO.To me this is why I get up in the morning; I want to help you, I want to see quality RTOs providing training to people and allowing them to move along in the world.It can also increase the likelihood of success in school and transform the way a family functions. Validation of your assessment tools is an important aspect of your RTO operation.

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Continuous improvement is about reviewing your assessment validation processes completed in the past six months.

You need to do this before you use the assessment tools for actual assessments, hence, “pre-assessment validation”.

Because this process focuses on assessment tools, it can also be called “assessment tool validation”.

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