Validating data in datagridview

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For example: Once you define the get Error callback on a Collection View, any control bound to the collection may use it to validate items being loaded or edited.For example, the Flex Grid will use the validation logic in the data source to: The image below shows a Flex Grid bound to some data that contains validation errors: Data validation in Flex Grid The appearance of the cells that contains errors is defined in CSS and is easily customizable. If a user tried to enter an invalid country, for example, the grid would apply the error style to the cell and would keep it in edit mode until the user selected a valid country or pressed the Escape key to cancel the edits.Can someone tell me / post some codes here on how could I validate my datagridview? I mean, a certain column on my datagridview should accept integers only, otherwise, it will return a messagebox. I currently have a data grid that is holding the information from an Access table.The details in the database are employee details e.g. What I need is to be able to validate the data that's being entered for data type, presence and extreme data, but I have no idea what to do. Copy of the code is attached.uploads/35332/2-Bulk-Create hooon2012-02-12 $ea = [System. You might also search for web tutorials on WIndows FOrms validation.

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This kind of input validation is done automatically and cannot be customized.Raising an event invokes the event handler through a delegate.For more information, see Handling and Raising Events.How can I make it when the datagridview value cell value is selected and then the error message display and the cursor is focused in to the same cell. There are two types of input validation available for the Windows Forms Data Grid control.

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