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When asked about their part in writing music for their album, members Lyndirette and Audra where quoted saying "We're very hands on when it comes to the songwriting.

It's cool to meet different songwriters and see how it all works.

Being part of a group, the girls would introduce themselves with words that would describe their personalities and uprisings; the spoken-word poet Brave, the Southern belle Lyndriette, church-raised Se7en, and the sassy Audra.

To accompany their personalities, their clothing styles differ among the group with Brave striking similarities to a Sarah Jessica Parker fashionista, Lyndriette fashioned under a tailored look, Se7en comfortably styled in boho or short, tight, and sexy styles, and Audra rocking mod fashions.

Rich Girl was an opening act for Beyoncé on her I Am ...

Tour, for the North American Leg beginning on June 21, 2009 in New York.

The group's name refers to "a certain attitude and confidence, combined with individuality and talent that any girl might possess", rather than material items.Brave presented to Harrison an idea he couldn't refuse - a girl group.After carefully handpicking each member, Brave created the name and the creed for a group the world would later known as Rich Girl.On October 7, 2011, RCA Music Group announced it was disbanding Jive Records along with Arista Records and J Records.With the shutdown, the girls (and all other artists previously signed to these three labels) would release their future material (including their self-titled debut album) on the RCA Records brand.

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