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He, however, was born to American parents, Joy Marie Palm-Miller and Wentworth E. He grew up in England for a year until his family moved to Brooklyn.

Wentworth later attended Princeton University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

First, he was in a relationship with Charlie David, then with T. Perez Hilton, reporting about his relationship with Wentworth said: Wentworth did eventually come out as gay, but just as Luke’s previous relationships were short-lived, that with Miller was not an exception.

After he broke up with Wentworth, he was hooked up with the semi-professional Wrestler-cum-actor Chad Slivenski but this also was for a short while.

Currently, there is no news about Luke Macfarlane’s love life.

He may be single or in a relationship with someone.

Wentworth Miller’s introduction to the creative arts did not start in Hollywood.

When asked about the media handling the truth about his sexual orientation, he said: Luke has been in several relationships with several celebrities. Then came his strong relationship with Wentworth Miller which is and has remained one of the most famous.However, Macfarlane’s first notable role was as Scotty Wandell on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters.Other notable television roles include Jason Howell in the Canadian sitcom Satisfaction, Rick Lincoln on NBC’s The Night Shift, He has also starred in several stage play performances like Juvenilia, Where Do We Live, The Busy World is Hushed, Dreamstuff, Reverberation, amongst others.Pearson School for the Arts under the name of Slipnaught – a name they randomly chose from a dictionary because they did not have a name for the band when it came time to perform on stage.Luke Macfarlane was rumored to be gay for a very long time until he finally came out as one in an interview with The Globe and Mail in 2008.

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