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Between his acting, his attitude, and some of the things he says, it's hard to deny that he's pretty terrible.

Sorry, I know that's not really a popular thing to say, but keep reading to see 15 times Cole Sprouse proved that he was the On one hand, I want to join all the people of the Internet making memes from this scene.

Cole and Kj Apa have a cute bromance on and off set, they’re always posting about each other on social media.

Kj Apa is crazy hot, has abs and a great jawline, what more could you want?

*plans how to get twins whilst people are distracted with pictures of them*You cannot forget the funniest show on Disney channel with the twins.

It was about twins (Cole and Dylan) who lived in a hotel with their mom, they caused all sorts of trouble for Mr Moseby who was the hotel manager.

I can’t tell you had hard it was trying to find pictures for this article because there are just so many good ones of them both, so enjoy some more…

as much as everyone else, but Cole was definitely not the best part of the first season. He's not even in the top five best cast members (in my eyes).

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Otherwise, it's just a few paragraphs of nonsense from someone who clearly thinks they sound a lot smarter than they are.

It was ridiculous and embarrassing and Cole's acting did the awkward lines no favors.

But on the other hand, I really have to hand it to Cole and Lili.

Cole Sprouse plays him so well and it’ll make you fall in love with him even more, Judhead Jones has to be my favorite character in Riverdale.

The Sprouse twins make incredible style and outfit choices, Dylan going for more of a bad boy look and Cole going for classy chic.

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