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From there Devyn teaches them how to market themselves to their ideal partner by coaching them on everything from how to take a great profile photo and the types of pictures you should have on your profile, to the things you should and shouldn’t write in your bio and how to spot a good potential mate online.

There are a LOT of exciting things I'm starting: I'm signing on as a spokesperson for HRC, I'll be attending the GLAAD Media Awards and the Bravo A-List Award show in LA.by Gina Scarpa This week, on The Real World: Brooklyn, it was time for the roomies to finally say goodbye to one another but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.As if it wasn’t bad enough that Ryan got into a fight at a local bar, the housemates turned on each other one last time before parting ways. It's hard to try and discuss something we ourselves don't even have the answer to.After a cooling off period, the eight cast members were reunited for a special with host Maria Menounos, where it seemed some wounds haven’t fully healed. Ryan and Baya revealed a budding romance and many said that good things have come their way since being on the show. Ryan is one of my best friends and always will be, no matter what.For our last set of burning questions, we tapped Baya, Scott, Sarah, and Katelynn to get their last words on some touchy subjects. Gina, Reality Wanted: Obviously you knew that MTV was going to bring up your relationship with Ryan at the reunion but were you guys prepared to discuss it in front of everyone? It's hard to say anything beyond that because he is leaving and I am definitely not into dating someone on a long distance basis. when he gets home from Iraq, I would love for him to ask me out on a date :)Q. Gina, Reality Wanted: What was your reaction to Ryan calling you a bitch at the reunion in front of everyone? Sarah: I honestly didn't care, its not the worst thing hes said to me.. I'm happy he said it, cause it shows what a giant D-bag he can be. Its clear he has a problem with people having too many "favorites," which is laughable, and honestly, its not going to change my attitude. Gina, Reality Wanted: So there's supposedly audio of you hooking up with someone in the Real World house. Convenient how they chose not to air it though, right?

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