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Sara appears on Jonathan Coulton 's album Artificial Heartproviding vocals for the album's remake of the song Coulton wrote for Valve's game Portal" Still Alive ".They later called the song "the first time we'd co-written with somebody, so it was the first time someone was giving us feedback on what we'd written Sara and I were both so obsessed with him liking the song enough to put it on his record that we both were writing on it.The knowledge of this sad truth is part of what makes the authenticity of the so strikingly tangible.

She was featured with her sister in David Guetta’s song, “Every Chance We Get We Run.” Tegan Quin’s age is 38.

, Closer, I Was a Fool, Halifax, NS, Canada, Portland, ME, United States, Buffalo, NY, United States Polaris Music Prize, Juno Award for Songwriter of the Year, Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year, Grammy Award for Best Music Film, Much Music Video Award for Most Buzzworthy Canadian Artist, Much Music Video Award for Best Pop Video, NME Award for Best International Band, Juno Award for Music... There was something there.[on 'Hearthrob', their 2013 recording] We are working our asses off and we are doing as many things as we possibly can.

We were never really good at piano, and people didn't hear us play the first time and go, 'Oh, my God, send them to Nashville'. And we want to expose this record and our band to as many people as possible..because we're aware that next year it could be different.

Sometimes you encounter a creation, be it a book or record or film—or indeed its soundtrack—that comes along when you are most vulnerable to its charms.

The impact of substance leaves you dizzy and awakened.

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